McKenzie Schwark is a writer and performer living in New York City. She grew up in Fargo, North Dakota until she moved to Chicago to pursue her BA in English and Creative Writing at DePaul University, where she found a love for comedy writing, creative nonfiction, and bars with $2 draft specials. 

She is most interested in writing and talking about the world through a feminist lens. Women's issues are important to her and inform most of her writing. Making the world a better place for, and making sure there is plenty of content that celebrates, informs, and inspires her sweet niece and the girls of her generation pushes her in her career. 

When she isn't freelancing or making lattes, McKenzie enjoys reading and writing poetry, watching true crime documentaries, and sitting quietly while looking at her phone. 

Her greatest accomplishment to date is a tie between producing her first web series “No Problem” in six short weeks with a zero dollar budget, and the time she convinced a stranger to follow her around a nightclub and take photos for her Instagram. 

McKenzie is most recently published in BUST, HoneySuckle magazine, and HoneySuckle Girl. She is forthcoming in Bustle, bitch media, Cherry Bombe, and Storm Cellar. You can find her published work on the "published work" tab of this site. 


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