McKenzie Schwark is a writer and editor living in New York City, who was recently called a "beautiful  mess" by her favorite bodega man. She is doing her best to uphold that, and do away with the idea that women can't be or have it both ways.

Schwark grew up in Fargo, North Dakota until she attended DePaul University in Chicago where she received her BA in English. There she became fascinated with the ways in which literature shape and change our culture, and discovered $2 draft nights at a bar called Alive One. She was awakened to an entirely new world.

Now Schwark writes about sexual wellness, sexual assault and other feminist issues. This year her piece "Snake Eyes: The Power to Turn the Patriarchy to Stone" was published in bitch media's Revenge issue, and is her most proud publishing moment to date. A random girl Instagram messaged her that she had been so inspired by the piece she got a tattoo of it. Schwark had it framed.

Schwark is the creator of Sex-Posi Ed, an online newsletter that puts positivity at the forefront of sexual education. Since realizing her own sexual education left her completely in the dark about healthy relationships, personal empowerment, and female pleasure now she does what she can to bring those things to young people across the country.